Audirvana auto launch after restart

Is it possible to have Audirvana relaunch automatically on a Mac after a restart? I use a headless Mac mini and having to log back in using Remote Desktop to reenter my email and password every time is a real pain in the rear.

RunHomeSlow helps you rightly with the launch of Audirvana Studio when your Mac Mini boots.

For your Mac Mini to boot without intervention other than pressing the switch button, you may use the “login options” appearing above to automatically log in a chosen user account at boot.
Be aware though that it may compromise the privacy of your Mac Mini as anyone switching your Mac on will access the user account chosen for the automatic log in.
It will also prevent your hard drive to be encrypted with Filevault.

If no keyboard and/or mouse is connected to that Mac, you will have to uncheck the two first options in the advanced section of Bluetooth Preferences to prevent a search assistant to appear and block the automatic boot process.

Unfortunately I must be doing something wrong. This is how I had it setup and it worked fine with Roon. Audirvāna however still asks for e-mail and password when launching

That’s a small bug that seems to go away after a disconnect. Disconnect your account in the settings. log in again and you should be fine.

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Thanks! That seems to have worked