Audirvana broken (v3.5.45)

Installed on a Win 10 Pro NUC and a MacBook also running Win 10 Pro.
I play my music via wired network from either the NUC or MacBook to a Cyrus Stream XP.
From the Mac I also listen via USB connected Chord Mojo DAC.

After upgrading to the latest version (3.5.45) I’ve found that the software has become virtually un-useable.
After opening Audirvana I find that it crashes repeatedly and randomly and I am unable to play anything through Qobuz without the application freezing.
Even when it does appear to be working as expected, changing source to/from Qobuz results in the system freezing.

The remote app also doesn’t recognise either the Cyrus or Mojo, and when it does it continuously loses it’s connection.

These problems weren’t there whilst using the previous version.
Any suggestions?

Perhaps roll back to previous version and send you details to

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