Audirvana controlling all PC sounds

I’m a new user looking for the setting that will have the Audirvana volume slider just control the music. Now it’s controlling all PC sounds.
Install was smooth, got it playing Tidal with no trouble at all. I love the interface and sq. Thanks!

Hello @Joegreg, depending on the output you selected, it’s possible that Audirvāna Studio control your computer audio volume (if you take the computer speakers for example).

Thank you Antoine for helping. I’m probably not describing things clearly since it’s complicated but I only have 2 output options. Let me describe the output path:
PC >> MiniDSP via usb cable >> amplifier >> speakers (4 bookshelf speakers and one subwoofer).
The 2 outputs are: MiniDSP and Speakers. Speakers output is from the soundcard on the PC, which I don’t use.
Prior to installing Audirvana, when I listened to Tidal I controlled the music volume with the slider on Tidal. The amplifier and computer sound levels never get changed. Any playback on the computer (youtube, games, etc.) is adjusted on the player or game controls-- the pc sound level and amplifier remain the same.
I want Audirvana to control the music volume only.
With Audirvana and Tidal running the Audirvana volume slider is controlling all computer sounds-- it becomes the master volume control so games or any computer sounds are changed when I change the volume of the music.
Is there a way to do this with Audirvana or does it always control all sounds from the MiniDSP output? I ask because a 50% volume on Audirvana is loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage :rofl: And a good music listening volume leaves the pc sounds almost at zero.

Try disabling ‘Exclusive Mode’/ ‘HOG Mode’ and disable ‘System Optimization’ when you want control of the volume of other applications and system level control, independent of Audirvana Studio… You may get “blip-like” interrupts in Audirvana Studio playback when making adjustments and actions… Audirvana Studio expects that your primary focus is on the highest quality audio playback, so it wants to be the “Master” of the computer system’s primary audio system…

Thank you Agoldnear for your help. Unfortunately I’m not seeing any of the options you’re talking about. What section are they under?
Having Audirvana be the master control, as programmed, would be ok if the gain structures weren’t so massively different. A decent listening volume for music means the rest of the sounds coming from the pc are basically turned off. And with the the pc sounds at normal volume the music breaks the windows in my house :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In Audirvana ‘Settings’ you will find the ‘Computer’ setting options… You will see options for the level of ‘priority’ and ‘optimization’… In the ‘Output Device’ setting options, you can enable or disable ‘Exclusive Access’…

Again… if you are expecting the highest quality audio-playback, it is best to give Audirvana Studio the highest priority and optimized system parameters. Otherwise, you are compromising the performance of Audirvana Studio.

Hmm- the settings you describe don’t exist in my version of Audirvana. Maybe there’s another page of settings somewhere? Nothing about priority or exclusive access in any option section under Computer or Output.
Unfortunately I need to work and like to listen to music when I work. It sounds like Audirvana just isn’t for me. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to help me.

I’m using macOS 12.1… If you are using Windows, you may try rewording the title of your post to get the input from Windows users… I believe Antoine is suggesting when you wish to control another output like your computer speakers, you must choose them as your output for sound… TIDAL uses whatever is chosen as the active output for sound… So, try balancing the level settings of your systems sounds with the level control of Audirvana Studio set to -12dB or -20dB… You may also need to lower the gain of the MiniDSP system to get the balance correct.

" Again… if you are expecting the highest quality audio-playback , it is best to give Audirvana Studio the highest priority and optimized system parameters . Otherwise, you are compromising the performance of Audirvana Studio"

I wasn’t able to get anything close to balanced levels. The difference is massive, insurmountable using the AS controls. Based on that and the fact that sq will be compromised, as you said, I’ve unistalled and decided to check out Roon, though I expect similar issues and have resigned myself to living with what I have now- just using the native Tidal app.
Again, thanks for trying :slight_smile:

This thread may give you some more insights:

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