Audirvana Crash after changing sound device (USB <-> UPNP)

I’m using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.31 (3561), with a Schiit Modi 3 DAC and I also use two UPnP renderers running Moode Player on Raspberry Pis. If I play something on one of the UPnPs, stop the playback, switch back to my local DAC, Audirvana just crashes and quits… It’s not quite random, but occures around 8/10 times. It’s happening in both ways, from USB to UPnP with both of my UPnP renderers and vice-versa.

Also, there is an issue, that somehow Audirvana does not release the exclusive accessed USB dac when quited… I have to disconnect and reconnect the device to be available again on my mac.

Hello @psusan I sent you a private message following your issue to send me more information via mail.

Thanks, I just sent you the crash log!