Audirvana Crashes on pause from Remote

This is getting a bit annoying now. A few weeks back I was having a problem when I tapped on pause on AS Remote (I run AS on a NUC) AS crashed completely, but has been fine for a while. Now it has stared again - I have just tapped pause on Remote and immediately lost connection to my NUC which means AS has crashed again.

Maybe it is time for you to try the new remote… in beta now for Android

I would if I had any Android devices, but only iPhones and iPads.

Hi @Northernlights,

Are you update Audirvāna Studio and then try to reproduce your issue? If you are able to do so, can you send us the crash generated by Audirvāna Studio? It should be on your desktop folder. You can send it at

Hi @Antoine I was running AS 2.5.2 but on returning home tonight I see there was an update to 2.5.3 waiting when I relaunched AS. I have applied this and will see how it goes. I couldn’t find any crash logs in my desktop folder though. I had a look in the AS database folders and didn’t see anything there that might be them. Am I looking in the wrong place? It is running on a NUC with Windows 11.

Sadly it has just happened again. This time all I did was navigate to another app to check something and then I navigated back to AS Remote and immediately the view changed to connecting and no computer recognised and a few seconds later the music stopped. I will need to locate the crash log tomorrow and send it on if I can find it.

maybe easier to go to account preferences in Audirvana…

Thanks @RunHomeSlow for the tip how to do that. @Antoine I have now sent on the logs to you so hopefully they will reveal why this happens.

Hi there,

Just for your info, I just got the very same problem with my setup, running AS 2.5.2.
Interesting thing is that on two cases the crash happened in very similar cirumstances (using remote on my iPad to select another album) but error type and affected thread were different: SIGABRT and thread 11 in the first case, SIGSEGV and thread 40 in the second one.

I already sent the info and relevant data to the support. I never noticed this with older versions.

I’ve not heard anything further about this but I did forward the logs I could find. It has just happened again - I was listening to an album and thought I would search for something else. As soon as I tapped the search icon the app reverted to the connection page and a few seconds later the music stopped. AS has crashed again!

Apple user here. Also experience crashes now with the latest release which never occurred before.

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