Audirvana crashes on playing

I am a huge fan of Audirvana, and so far it has worked faultlessly. However, I downloaded the hi-res recording of Elgar’s first symphony by Barenboim, and it crashes Audirvana every time I try to play it. I have tried re-downloading the file, and I have tried in both FLAC and ALAC. Oddly, if I select my extrenal DAC as output in preferences, and just click on the ALAC file (i.e. not routing it through Audirvana), it plays just fine. All other files I own are working perfectly, it just doesn’t seem to like this one. Qobuz have checked the file at their end and it seems to be OK. I have the error log if that would be helpful. Any advice would be welcome, thank you!

Can you send me both the crash log, and the file by email so I can investigate them ?