Audirvana crashes on Tidal

Hi, so long using Audirvana on MacOS, remote on iPhone and iPad was so good till now. Playing my music on local perfect, but to play Album on Tidal after click, Audirvana crashes. I have message window to reopen or send report to Apple. Using macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and latest Audirvana.
Please help.

Hello @Alo23, are you able ti reproduce this issue every time you play a song from Tidal?

Yes. Every time I hits play Tidal album is closing Audirvana with message to report problem and to reopen application

Can you send us this crash report at You can find it in the Console app of your Mac.

Ok. I send report. When I using Audirvana to play local and Tidal using my Mac internal speakers every thing is Ok. But with USB external dac Dragonfly Cobalt, local music play perfect by Audirvana when I hit Tidal album is Crash

Only when I won’t to play Masters is crash with lossless is ok.

Sorry should be I want to play Masters

Hello @Alo23, the latest version of Audirvana for MacOS (3.5.34) have a fix for MQA device, can you update your Audirvana and try to play a Master file from Tidal?

It’s working!! Thanks U so much.

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