Audirvana Crashes when altering metadata of files across different folders (Mac 10.15.3 Catalina)

I’m a new user to Audirvana and this forum, so please forgive me if this has been brought to the attention of the coding staff already.

Audirvana crashes when I edit the metadata of files that span multiple folders. Every single time.
As an example: If I have 1 Prince album that spans 2 discs, and each disc is in its own folder:
CD1 folder - files
CD 2 folder - files

If I choose all files on CD 1 and CD 2 and go to edit the “Year” info for all of them Audirvana will crash.

But, if I choose all the files on CD 1 only - and I edit the year on all of those files, Audirvana will function as expected. It will not shut down unexpectedly.

Is there anyone who has figured out a work-around to this issue?
Has there been a fix released?