Audirvana crashes when playing MQA via USB

Installed trial version on asus windows 10 laptop.
Laptop is connected to a Hegel H390 via USB. MQA album selected on tidal but when I start playing
starts OK but then a windows error message comes up saying Audirvana unexpectedly quit, dump file generated, songs plays until buffer runs out or you answer yes then stutters on repeat and you have to close down the application.

Try ASIO mode but not WASAPI

Looks like the Audirvana are now aware of this problem and are looking to make an update this week:

Thanks for feedback. I will try ASIO and also watch for an update.
I have got round this by not using Audrivana when on USB and just using tidal app. But its a pain if you want to switch back to network port. I have also found that when going back and forth that the stream quality has been set to High so MQA doesn’t play until you set the stream quality back to master.
I have just got the Hegel and am busy trying all sorts of sound tests while I decide which service to plum for long term.

Thanks for the feedback so far.