Audirvana crashes when scrolling Library

I’m having a terrible time scrolling the library on my Mac with external HD holding a modest music library (1 TB). The scroll is jittery, unresponsive, getting stuck, showing the turning beach ball, and all too often Audirvana crashes during the scroll. This is very irritating and demoralizing.

Hello @Jam,

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page? After doing this, do you see some change when you scroll your library?

Hi Damien,
yes, I did all three and got ok for all. I also resynched the liabrary a few times, it didn’t help…

Can you send us your latest crash report at You can find it in the console app of your Mac in the section “Crash reports” if you are on MacOS Catalina.

Hi again,
I’ve sent the report to support as well as to you (by mistake…: )

Thanks so much,


Hello Damien,
I upgraded to Catalina.
My scroll problems persist and have worsened.

Hello @Jam, sorry to ear that, really strange that it is still around even after the update. Can you send me the new one you got for Catalina at

Nevermind, I just saw your mail with the crash report, thank you.

I’ve just sent a fresh one…
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, any news regarding the crashes?

Hello @Jam, we will review it as soon as possible and come back to you as we didn’t have the time to review for the moment.

Ok, standing by,
thanks :blush:

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