Audirvāna crashing Dirac after Mac OS update

I have a Mac Mini ( i7-3.2gHz, 16gb), running Audirvāna Origin 2.5.2 and Dirac Standalone v1.7.18 as my music server. After updating to Mac OS 14.1.1, Audirvāna crashes the Dirac processor. They were working together fine before the update, but now when I start a track in Audirvāna I get a “No Signal” alert in Dirac and then must use Force Quit to close the processor. All setting in Dirac, Midi, Sound Setting, and Audirvāna are correct. And I’ve toggle through most of the Audirvāna system settings trying to find a work-around, with no luck. Dirac works properly when playing music via Apple Music or a movie with the Apple TV app, but these two are no longer working together. To see if it might be a specific issue with the OS update on the Intel based Mini, I installed Origin on my M2 MacBook Pro and the same issue occurred. I’m not sure if the problem lies on the Audirvāna or Dirac side, so I’m going to notify them as well. I did save a copy of the “Force Quit-Crash Report” it that would be helpful. It is LONG though.


Hi @DryMartini,

Can you put it in a TextEdit file and send the file to ?

Will do.