Audirvana + Dirac Live?


What is the correct way to run them both?

I am currently running A+ with Dirac as the output system, but I saw some mentions of the Dirac plug-in for A+. Anyone knows how to run Dirac calibration inside A+?

You need to ask Dirac for getting the Audio Unit plugin version of Dirac Live. You’ll then be able to activate it directly from the Audio Units page of Audirvana Plus preferences

Thanks, it works!

Planning to get Dirac Live for room correction, what is the situation on 3.5, it is working thru Plug-in?

With the DIRAC AudioUnit plugin, yes

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Guys, here are my thoughts on streaming services with room correction:
Tidal + Roon + Dirac - impossible. Dirac does not work with Roon.
Tidal + jRiver + Dirac - impossible. jRiver does not support Tidal, besides it crashes with Dirac.
Tidal + Audirvana + Dirac - possible! and works great and stable!!! The only trio I know of to make Tidal with Roon correction on PC.


I am completely new to room correction and thinking about using DIRAC in Audirvana+. What would be the steps for me to follow? My situation is:

  1. Using Auddirvana+ v2 currently. I have a time machine backup of v3 but I prefer using v2.

  2. The hardware is Mac Mini 2012. I have time machine backups of the following OSX versions: Mavericks, El Capitan, and High Sierra. Currently using Mavericks.

  3. I only play locally saved files (no streaming). I can connect to the Internet whenever I want but prefer not to stay connected to it when I listen to music.

I would appreciate any help!