Audirvana dismantles folders

I started a 30-day trial of Audirvana and have a few questions. I have created many folders with tracks taken from various sources (ripped CDs, downloads, etc.). When I add these folders to the library the app pulls out the files and puts them into separate folders, apparently labeling them according to the original metadata. The folder I have created and named disappears. This is a problem, and if there is no way of preventing Audirvana from doing this I cannot use the app.
Also, many of my folders that I load into the library show up as “Unknown Folder,” despite them being named. I have to open them to find out what they contain.
Lastly, in the library I see tiles of album covers for each folder, but I would rather see a list, as I do in setting when I am adding folders to the library.
The last of these three problems is not that large, but the other two are, and I hope there are fixes for them.

Hello @JRP,

I think what you are looking for is the ability to browse your synced folder as it were in a folder view. This has been requested by many user and we take this request in consideration for a future update of Audirvana.

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