Audirvana does not add the CD!

Audirvana does not add the CD!

Audirvana shows only 15 CDs although there are 16 CDs in the folder!
The program refuses to add my CD to the database!
Data removed from Audirvana, program closed new added same result - CD is not found!

A test with JRiver CD is available and works.
Where is the error?
I also removed the # from the taggs, but that doesn’t help either.

The CD has a red border

maybe remove the # sign from the folder containing the files not the tagging…

I’ve done it several times! After the 3rd sync, Audirvana did this first…
Very strange, the problems have only appeared since Audirvana is only a UWP APP.
With the standalone installer the problems did not exist.

Hello @xFreeezer, when you search your album in Audirvana, are you able to find it?

I meant a series of numbers and letters to display! At the moment you can only search and not go directly over letters… ala Roon

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