Audirvana does not play well with AirPods

What is the issue between Audirvana and AirPods? Almost every time I try to use them, Audirvana displays an “error” message asking me to turn off AirPlay or something similar!

Hello @brlawyer, have you tried to listen with your airpods using itunes or your web browser for example?

Hi Damien - yes, I have and it normally works. The problem is that almost all the time the following annoying message appears - why is this?

Do you have iTunes launched?

Yes, I always use iTunes integration mode (the native app is not yet sufficient for my needs).

Since you already use iTunes, why do you want to stream to AirPods through Audirvana? Just stream directly from iTunes.

I am not sure I understand your point - I use Audirvana with iTunes under integration mode; I simply want to be able to listen to music with my AirPods when A+ is doing that. However, the error message above keeps showing up.

If I can stream to APs via iTunes without triggering that message (and without losing A+'s sound quality), thanks; this is exactly what I need.

In terms of sound quality, you’ll be getting a better result when streaming directly from iTunes/Music. It will transfer the music in AAC format and unpack it on the AirPods. You can’t improve on that.

Still not clear - how can I do that while using A+? Moreover, all my music is in ALAC format.

Just stop Audirvana, and play from iTunes directly to the AirPods.