Audirvana does not recognize one of my audio file

I have 2 ripped CD with one of them displayed as album under cue file filter, and another (2nd wav) just does not showing up, even the 2nd file (wav) can be played or converted. The cue file is good since when I put the first CD wav file into the folder, it shows up, together along with the first CD. Once I put the original 2nd CD wav to replace the first CD wav, the album disappeared, leaving the 1st CD only in the library. Checked all metadata on the file, it is identical to the first CD wav. Am I missing something?

Hello @Keith,

Can you drag and drop the missing file in your play queue? Do you see the track or not at all?

Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, it did shows but the title and ‘sort as’ apparently were incorrect when compare to CD1. Tried to change it but failed with error message or hang, no success. Kindly please advise!
image image
Managed to changed the write permission but still no luck.

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