Audirvana does only import a part of the tracks in a playlist

Hello everybody!

I have read about a lot of issues with importing iTunes playlists here in this forum and in the web, butI couldn’t find an answer to my particular problem.

I have exported a playlist from iTunes with around 900 tracks and imported it into Audirvana. At first it looks fine, but it only imported about 170 tracks. At first I thought it is because of problems with some files, but it just stops importing at a certain point. It does not leave out some files.

Any ideas?

Hello @Picard,

Did you take a look at the path of your files in the playlist? Are the missing files pointing in a folder not synchronized with Audirvana?


I’ve been around since Mac OS 8. So I’m a militant Mac user! :slight_smile:
I gave up worrying about iTunes (Music) a long time ago.
In the meantime, I have deleted my entire music folder. I put the tracks in a separate folder called AUDIO and put it under User/.
Then I gave the AUDIO folder to Audirvana for constant monitoring (Watched Folders).
At least now I no longer have the same folders next to each other between 3 - 5 as with Music (iTunes).
However, Audirvana tears me a lot of Folder and brings songs together that don’t belong together under one cover. And Audirvana always does that.
I have macOS Catalina and BIG SUR.Under both OS the same error !

That’s a great, great pity because I really like Audirvana. And the sound is just great! ! !

I am writing this to you in the knowledge that I have not really helped you.

Hopefully Damien and his people will get it right.

Good luck,