Audirvana doesn't detect my DAC


I’m quite new to this so here’s what I did: connected my box to my DAC via an RJ45 cable, downloaded the Audirvana desktop app on my laptop.

Now here’s what happens: there’s only the loudspeakers of my laptop listed as an audio device. My DAC isn’t detected.

What did I do wrong? There’s three buttons on my DAC: USB, AES and Optical. I tried to switch them on and off in different configurations, but that didn’t work. What need I to do?

Is there a USB cable connected between the PC and the DAC? PC usually recognizes the DAC via USB.

No, there isn’t. Do I need to connect laptop and Dac? With an ordinary USB cable? Or does the quality of the cable impact the sound?

I don’t want to listen to music files on my laptop, I just want to use the laptop (or my Android phone, if that would be easier) as a remote to listen to Qobuz in streaming mode…

You probably have to hook it up through USB. I’m using an USB sound card which acts as DAC.
Which itself is connected through tos link to my receiver on my M1 MacBook Pro.

I’m using the USB cable that came with the sound card to connect it to my M1 MacBook Pro.
I personally don’t believe this hype that sound quality becomes better with more expensive cables.

I’m using my iPhone as a remote for my MacBook Air in the living room. For Qobuz, local files and online radio stations. Works like a charm. The Air connects through Bluetooth to a set of monitor speakers.

However before buying my new iPhone, I was using a 2 year old Nokia 7.2 Android phone. Up till Android 10 it works perfectly fine. But after my phone upgraded itself to Android 11, the Audirvana Remote couldn’t find any servers anymore. No matter what I’ve tried, it didn’t detect both my Mac’s any longer…

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is your DAC on your network? You mentioned you connected via RJ45 which is typically an ethernet connection. If so, it might show up on your network as a UPnP device. If you click the little speaker icon on the lower right of Audirvana’s interface, it may appear there.

Hi robcee, that icon only shows the internal speaker of my laptop. :confused:

The RJ45 cable is connecting the dac to my box (which is still in ADSL).

My amp is plugged into my DAC, yeah. And it works, because I can listen to CDs without a problem. It’s just that the DAC isn’t detected as an audio device by the Audirvana app on my laptop…

Well, the oldest trick in the world did it: I uninstalled and reinstalled Audirvana (which I had already done before). This time, my DAC was detected… :face_with_peeking_eye:


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