Audirvana doesnt find Bluesound

Hi, I am a new user and downloaded Audirvana for MAC. My problem is, that I am using Bluesound Pulse2 and Mini2 speaker, but cant find them in the network list. They are working fine with bluesound app. I only can see DAC in the network. Is there anything I can do?

Ah I saw that Audirvana does not support multiroom. Thats bad. I thought it could be an option to roon. Actually I am only searching for a way of getting my Bluesounds Flex2 and my PSAudio DSjr DAC together. The only way of doing so seems to be Roon. Thats so bad, as they are unbelievable expensive. Not willing of paying 700€ for multiroom feature… So please Audirvana think about it and maybe include that feature I will be a paying customer!

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That‘s easier said than done.

Is the Bluesound device upnp / DLNA compatible?

I got the answer on the Bluesound Help Center:

" Bluesound does not support UPnP or DLNA. The Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 do not have a UPnP or DLNA server on board"

for more information :

I am not a IT guy, but for me, this compatibility is a prerequisite for Audirvana.

If all your devices support AirPlay 2 and you‘re on the Mac, you have the multiroom capability automatically.

But I can’t select more than one output device on Mac. Why should airplay be the answer?

Because it’s designed exactly for this purpose. Otherwise Audirvana would need to develop it’s own multiroom protocol and convince hardware manufacturers to incorporate it, just like Apple and Roon did. As you can imagine, this is no easy task.

You need to create zones in HomeKit:

Create a zone, add AirPlay devices to it. You’ll then be able to select the zone/room.

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