Audirvana doesn't load double albums correctly

Has anyone struck a problem with Audirvana 3.5.18 in which it catalogues double albums as separate albums? It doesn’t load the two albums according to their correct track listings, though: for instance, it only loads one track of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as one album, then all the others as another. It doesn’t matter what I do to the metadata — I’ve made sure the metadata is identical for both listings — but it still won’t catalogue them as one double album. Does anyone have a fix?

Whenever I’ve had this issue it’s always turned out to be down to metadata. I use Squeed on the Mac to edit metadata and it seems that it takes very little to convince Audirvana that double CDs are separate albums.

I usually start by checking that the album title is identical for all tracks, that the date info is the same for all tracks, and that the ‘disc’ field is properly filled as 1/2 and 2/2 (where appropriate).

Hope you find a fix.

I am new with Audirvana and I am very happy with the sound. But I have the same problem which is annoying. Many (but not all!) albums with more discs I grouped in one album do show up as two or more separate albums. I did change track numbers into one list (so I changed 1-8+1-11 to 1-19) and metadata about 1/2 discs etc. is removed. Album name and all meta data is the same. Somehow, Audirvana wants to be smart and takes one unimportant metadata field (which I did not choose in sorting settings) just to do the sorting I do not want. Any help?

Looks like it is filename (path) on which Audirvana splits albums. Why? Indeed, many of my merged albums have different directories, because the original albums were (are) stored there. Jriver does not mind this, but Audirvana does decide for me that then it should be a separate album. Could this be a sort option in the next version? Looks like an unsolicited feature to me!