Audirvana doesn't see iFi Zen Stream

I just installed Studio on MacBook and all went well at first - connected to Qobuz, etc., but I want to play through my stereo system and my iFi Stream is not on the list of available playback devices. Chromecast shows up, and my Denon receiver with HEOS shows up, but that’s not what I want to use. Does Audirvana not work with iFi?

The @OffRode also has the iFi Stream.
Let’s wait

Can’t imagine why you wouldn’t see it among the Ethernet choices
You using a Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi? Do a full reset by pushing the button on back with a paper clip.

Run it in mode 1 AIO
I use mine with Ethernet cable and it works great.

Do you have a iPhone or Android smartphone to try a UPNP compatible app and see if you are able to select your Zen Stream in it?

Hi, thanks for answering. I’m using ethernet cable from router to the Stream (on AOI setting). No problem connecting from Qobuz app (or anything else). I’m loathe to do a reset because I don’t want to go through the setup again :laughing:

I’m using an iPad and have had no problem with any other app finding the Stream…

Try to just fully power it off (remove the power supply plug) and then on again after some time.

The setup is a piece of cake, don’t worry about it you’ll get more comfortable and experience anyway. Do what @bitracer recommended. So you have the iFi application working properly and can see it……
I’m not at my home currently but I’m returning tonight so I’ll keep an eye on this thread and follow up with you.

Reboot your entire network along with the zen stream…….boom😉

You speak of the iPad but you are choosing the playback device from your computer of course. You should be able to use your iPad but initially let’s use your computer.

Ok, it’s seeing the iFi now…

I’m on the trial for Audirvana, so could I ask you why you like it? The user interface is good, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the extra trouble of bringing it up on the MacBook and leaving it open so I can use my iPad to control it. Thanks for your help!

Ummm, you must be running Studio on your MacBook at all times. The app on your iPad is just a remote control for your computer. Is this where we were going wrong?

I think I understood that the MacBook must be running Audirvana, but even it would not see the iFi initially. I am new to streaming and trying to figure out a lot of stuff quickly. I’ve tried a few streaming services, currently narrowed it down to Quobuz and Apple Music. What do you see as the advantage of using Audirvana and having to have it running on a computer, as opposed to just using an app on the iPad for Quobuz or Apple Music? I appreciate any advice/help!

Ok I see now, glad you got the stream sorted out. Using Audirvāna Studio is redundant in some ways to just accessing directly from Qobuz. Many people think that Audirvāna sounds superior and has many advantages over Qobuz directly. DAC settings, upsampling, ability to use plugins, Radio stations etc etc.
Spending time at your computer will show you these features and options better than the iPad remote.

Have a good time exploring

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Thanks - I was wondering if sound quality is better with Audirvana. That and the better usability is what I’m interested in.

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