Audirvana DSD 1024

Hello guys,

My boss is a one year user of Audirvana.
And he has subcribed Audirvana Origin version.
It seems like his laptop can run to DSD 512 itself.
I have read some post that Audirvana still not up to DSD 1024 expect we have outside source like USD…
I’m wondering if Audirvana will up to DSD 1024 system in the near future.
Thank you so much for your advices.

There is already an open topic with a lot of information.

DSD 1024 level audio files - Origin - Audirvana

In 2020 a user posted to this forum that he was able to do DSD512 with DSD over PCM (DoP) on a Mac with a Denafrips Ares, which may imply the ability to do DSD1024 on Windows, or via UPnP with Audirvāna running on a Windows computer and the DAC connected to a UPnP endpoint running Linux. But my DAC’s max is DSD512, so I can’t test this.

Edit: Actually one can get the same rates over UPnP running Audirvāna on a Mac as on Windows, as long as the UPnP endpoint is running Linux.

I had a DSD1024 capable DAC until a few months ago, and I can confirm that Audirvana can not play in any way DSD1024.
As far as I know, no player can do that except HQPlayer.


Got it. Thank you for your information.

Got your reply already sir, thank you.
I have another question is to play DSD 512, the configuration of laptop will need how much capability?
My boss laptop is using now 32gb ram, intel core i5.
Thank you so much for your reply.

My boss has another laptop with the configuration as follow:
Lenovo Slim Yoga 7 Carbon 14ACN6/R7
Intel core i7

And the problem he met as follow:
_When he upsampling rate to DSD 256, it’s no problem. The capacity of ram still get about 3.2gb
_And when he try up to DSD 512, it’s still working. But the capacity of ram almost full, the ram remain only 1.4-1.6gb.

Due to the capacity of ram go down, it causes laptop going weak and unstable.

So he wants to take some advices if he has to upgrade the ram of Lenovo higher than 16gb. Or which is the best configuration of laptop for upsampling DSD 512?

Another case, if he still running with 16gb, which is the best settings for upsampling to DSD 512?
Note: The buffer he sets about 5gb.

And the other problem is, his laptop can not access to the speaker when using ASIO system. WASAPI or Kernel Streaming still working.
In the previous time, he still can use the ASIO, but can not in a few days ago…

Thank you so much for all your help and advices!

Since Audirvāna puts the converted file in RAM before playing, and a DSD512 file is larger than a DSD256 file, more RAM is better. It gives you more freedom to adjust the buffer size and see what works best, which is what your boss should do.

Regarding the ASIO problem, that seems like something that might arise from the computer’s audio settings or ASIO driver settings. At least that is where I’d start looking.

Thank you and appreciate for your feedback sir.

For the size of ram, according to your feedback: It means there will no standard for the RAM of computer. if we have more RAM, we will have more freedom to adjust the buffer size before playing a track.

So if I advise boss to upgrade his Lenovo Slim Yoga 7 from 16gb RAM to 32gb RAM. Do you think it enough to use?

For the ASIO system, I will tell boss to double check the audio settings of his laptop first. If still can not work, will proceed with the driver of ASIO.

32GB is plenty of RAM, yes.

Thank you Mr. Jud.
I will forward your feedback to boss.

Just tell your boss… there is no track at 1024 or even 512… maybe some 256…
don’t buy memory to have trouble later…
don’t upsample in Origin… play your files like they are…
no trouble, no hiccups, no lag, no computer working all the time,
just music playing as they were created
just listen and be happy… imagination is in your mind… :slight_smile:

When you are upsampling, you have to know what you are doing… you have to set preferences, filters, 3 or 4 settings, decide witch way you are upsampling… whatever…

You don’t know, Your boss doesn’t either… play safe…

Why people always want to try to have buggy listening??


Jud might know… but not You or your Boss :slight_smile:

You wrote that you are upsampling to DSD256 from all your files.
In Audirvana it is only possible with PCM files.
How do you do with DSD64 and DSD128 files?

Sorry, I was generalizing. Except for very occasional offline upsampling, I leave DSD files as they are.

(Note: I typically upsample PCM to DSD512.)

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