Audirvana + DTS Play Fi + Arcam rPLAY Not Working

Happy new year!

Using the latest version of Audirvana I am using DTS Play Fi to send an audio stream over the network to an Arcam rPLAY.

When using Winamp or VLC to DTS Play Fi, or Airplay, there are no issues.

When using Audirvana one of two things happen:

(i) When playing to Arcam rPLAY as UPnP device the music plays properly for two minutes and then stops.
(ii) When playing to the Arcam rPLAY as DTS Play Fi audio output of the computer over WASAPI, the music starts fine then descends into a distorted recording filled with artifacts or jitter? (I am not an engineer) and does not recover.
These two results do not change if any of the settings in Audirvana are modified, and remain the same whether Arcam rPLAY is wired by ethernet or is wireless. Arcam rPlay was updated to the latest firmware, the operating system is Windows 10 Pro for workstations, latest update.

Audirvana works fine running a usb to spdif adapter to the JBL LSR 4328P speakers (which contain their own DAC).

After months of not finding a solution, I would be grateful for any advice.


This is know issue with Play-Fi (and HEOS, since it’s based on Play-Fi). If I remember correctly, some have reported success by installing the software on the computer and using the local virtual audio device to play the music.

Thanks for the quick reply. After weeks of trying every possible combination of settings I gave up.
Replaced the Arcam rplay with Primare NP5 Prisma and everything works out of the box.