Audirvana duplicating tracks in the library


I’ve discovered my Audirvana is duplicating the tracks of specific albums in my library. I sync my files form an external hard drive. Every now and again I’ll add new files to the hard drive and push the sync button in Audirvana preferences. I’ve never used iTunes with Audirvana, although I used iTunes before I purchased Audirvana. Can someone give me an idea why this happening because it’s making work for me, lol.



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maybe the solution of your problem is described in FAQ > Technical> Why do I get… .

But I’m not using the iTunes media folder, or are you referring to another FAQ? I’m wondering how iTunes could be having this affect.

Can you see the files in itunes media folder? If yes, delete them. If not, check preferences of your ripping tool. Try XLD, works fine for me.

No, there’s no music files in my iTunes media folder. Maybe i should just delete everything in the iTunes folder?

I also use XLD to rip my CD’s

I went through and deleted the duplicated tracks the other day and straight after it duplicated them again. Interestingly it only duplicates the bands/music beginning with A and B in my library?

Does anyone know whats causing this issue and how I can fix it?


you can try deleting your database and start fresh…
In A+ preferences panel, go to the library tab and remove what you got in the upper window
by clicking the - sign at the bottom…

Then go in you User account Home folder, in the Library folder, in Application Support folder… in Audirvana folder
and trash all the files there, if there is still any.

Restart MAC just to be sure… Reopen A+ or add a new library and let it finish before doing anything.
You’ll see the progress bar in the main window on top right.

I have a problem with track 1 metadata showing as track 2, every song is off one track in terms of labeling and the metadata for the last song is repeated. all tracks are copied but mislabeled.

a check of files in music shows them to be accurate. I delete all of those, if any, before copying.

I see that in User > Application Support > Audirvana, the AudirvanaPlusLibrary.sqlite, -sqlite-shm and -sqlite-wal entries are still there from an earlier version of Audirvana in 2016. Can I eliminate these? Will this help the metadata problem?

If eliminated what remains would be AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite, AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.squite, and sqlite-journal.

I am punching well above my weight here…

Any help would be appreciated.

Close Audirvana… the sqlite-journal will disappear (just there when Audirvana is open)…
then remove all databases except V2.sqlite…
put them in another folder on your mac if you want to keep them.
Restart Mac. Restart Audirvana

When you have strange behavior like said first for first track… you should have in that folder of that album i guess the .cue file. If your songs are already separated, you don’t need to keep that .cue file… put it away to test, resync and see.

Ok. I did more research since the posting above and found that you had mentioned the .cue file earlier. I am eliminating them and so far it has worked nicely on 5-6 CDs (that had .cue files). I am hopeful for the rest. Thank you!

I will remove the earlier data bases as you suggested too.

Thanks again for your response, I might never have gotten to a solution otherwise.

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Hi just followed your guide to remove duplicate tracks,that worked, but ive now lost all my playlists as-well,(again!) ,tried to restore those 3 files from time machine ,but no joy ,any ideas ?

Yes the playlists are stuck in the database…
Try to close Audirvana. Copy your good .sqlite elsewhere on your mac. The open your time machine backup and put back the messed up .sqlite at the same place to replace the new one. Restart mac just to be sure. Restart Audirvana. Playlists should be there. Right click each of them and export them on desktop or in a playlists folder for you to keep them. Then close Audirvana again. Put back the good .sqlite that you saved in the same place to replace the bad one. Restart mac and Audirvana and go to menu and import your playlists that you saved earlier.

When all is good, reclose Audirvava, and copy again the final good .sqlite for your backup as today… copy that file as often as you can when you do some changes on your tags or add playlists. Playlists should be always exported in a folder somewhere on your mac. That way if your database got messed up again you can just reimport them :grinning: