Audirvana finds players only over WiFi

I used an Apple Time Capsule for many years for network connectivity, but it recently broke down. So I switched to my ISPs gateway/router, which is a Technicolor Xtream. Now my two players will unfortunately only connect with Audirvana over WiFi, which would be OK if they both used the 5GHz protocol. My Yamaha NP-S303 network player does not, and occasionally produces choppy sound over WiFi.

Why won’t the players connect to Audirvana over cable? The router sees the players, they are there all right. And the players indicate that they are connected as well, and will indeed play internet content. I feel like I have tried everything. I repeat, using the Time Capsule all I had to do was plug the cables in. I thought the router was faulty somehow, but today a replacement arrived and there is no improvement. Is the problem with Audirvāna Studio using this particular router - what am I missing? Would port forwarding help? I’m on the latest MacOS. Appreciate any help!

Hi @Mac-Don,

When you click on this icon at the bottom right of your screen:


Do you see all of your devices and an option to switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet in it? After doing the change, do you still do not see your device?

That is correct. There is a switch. But the players are not recognized if connected to the router via Ethernet cable. Yes, I have changed the player settings to the correct network. The players work fine, and connect to the internet whether using cable or Wi-Fi.

Just to vent my disappointment that no solution can be found. When I talk to the ISP (which also provides the router) they indicate that the program (Audirvana) must be faulty, and that I should perhaps do an internet search! And when I post here, Antoine politely asks if I know how the settings work.

No help to be had with this?