Audirvana for Windows as good as streamers, audio players?

Hi all,

Wondering if having Audirvana on my laptop is just as good as hasving an expensive streamer such as Auralic The site claims the software turns our laptop into a high end streamer by doing all sort of things. Is this true? Or I’m missing a much higher quality streaming from Auralic and the likes?

Hi Guscaldas!
Maybe you already noticed, here are many users that post a lot of complaints. But even the most angry ones would agree on one thing, sound is great. I have a streamer, a bit an older model. I hear no difference, but I enjoy the possibilities that come with Audirvana. Only drawback is, upsampling to DSD, which creates cracking noises.


I think it kind of depends what the rest of your system looks like (or what you want it to look like).
If your laptop with Audirvana is feeding your dac via USB, you are already using one of the best streamers available.
If your laptop is far away from your music system you need something else to get your music to your DAC (a streamer)
I’m using a simple Raspberry Pi and also a few USBridge from Allo (
This allows me to play music from my laptop to any system in the house using uPnp.
You can also purchase a high-end streamer, even with built-in dac, and that will give you some extra benefits like streaming spotify right to the streamer (from your phone).
Endless options and possibilities. Just pay attention to your wallet :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Greetings