Audirvana + for Windows


I heard you are working on a version for Windows.

Any news as to when this might be available?

This is a huge works that is going to take months…

Looking forward to it and would appreciate it if you let us know about progress.

It looks like Apple is reducing its involvement in desktops – no new mac mini since 2014 and unclear if they will release a revision this year.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of reasonable priced windows computers, so this should prove to be a good market.

Not even close to true even if they never come out with another Mac Mini.

How can this not be true.

If a company is serious about growing the market for their desktops, they wouldn’t wait 3 years to update an entry level model that could allow more people to afford their product.

I can’t believe how touchy mac fanatics are. I own both Mac and Windows computers and see benefits to each system.

Look at all the entry level windows computers, including the whole series of Intel NUCs, which are the Windows equivalent of the Mac Mini.

If you know anything about marketing and segmentation of a company, you can glimpse the value of different products by looking into the effort put into developing and marketing them.

This is why I think that Audirvana Plus for Windows could open up a large potential market – the hardware as there and you can buy hardware for a music server relatively cheaply.

A HP Slice is just the only MS based Pc which come close to the mac mini design. Intel nucs just look cheap

NUCs may not look as good as the mini, but the hardware specs blow the mini out of the water. The 2014 mini is using old hardware and the cost of upgrading to SSD is outrageous. And, you can’t upgrade the RAM.

I’m hoping they come out with an upgradeable mini using the latest processors.

I stay with my late 2012 as Long as i can. And then??? Aurender looks awsome to me

I think Mac is inherently a better basis than Windows, at least it has been, in terms of stability, and lack of unwanted processes running, ease of dedicating to the one function, and for Mac Mini late 2012 is the best version because it can be user-upgraded: I’ve maximised RAM in mine, and installed twin SSDs, no problem. So yes, for as long as it keeps working -should be many years yet- there is no compulsion to change: performance is more than good enough for its function as a dedicated music player, though unless Audirvana improves the library I will continue to seek an alternative that matches the sound quality.