Audirvana freezes with audio format change

Something very strange is happening, I hear FLAC 16 / 44.1 files without any problem, but when I put an MQA or DSF file to play and listen to FLAC 16 / 44.1 again, Audirvana crashes and I have to restart the software every time. I’m on the latest version 3.5.41 and this has been happening for some time. I always hope that the problem will be fixed in an update, which never happens. I use a Mac Mini 2010 with High Sierra.

Hello @hgcoka,

Can you reproduce the issue and send us the last crash report you get from Audirvana at [email protected] ?

Hi Damien,
Thanks for reply, i can’t reproduce the problem all the time because it’s random. What I realize is that it always happens after playing an MQA track on Tidal. Yesterday it happened when playing an offline DSD followed by a normal flac on the tidal. If i only play Flac files i have no issues
I will wait to happen again and send the report to you. Thanks
PS: I think Audirvana will not generate a report because in fact it does not stop completely, it just stops playing and even choosing any other song it does not play, although the software remains operational