Audirvana, gapless or NOT?

I’m just wondering if Audirvana supports gapless playback or not? Based on what i’ve read around the internet, i learned that it’s supposed to, but upon doing some tests on the program’s playback capabilities, it seems that only lossless files are gapless while lossy formats, such as mp3 include a small gap of silence (where there shouldn’t be one on songs from different albums). So my question to the community (including Damien) is is this normal behavior? Other music players, such as JRiver seem to play both lossless and lossy formats with the correct gapless playback information. Thanks.

Hi. I mainly play FLAC/DSF on Audirvana which are gapless. However, on testing a few MP3’s yes I detect a “micro gap” or click.

Audirvana can play gapless. MP3 is not gapless.

The popular [MP3] format defines no way to record the amount of delay or padding for later removal.[notes 1] Also, the encoder delay may vary from encoder to encoder, making automatic removal difficult.[2] Even if two tracks are decompressed and merged into a single track, a pause will usually remain between them.

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The confusion possibly arises because iTunes does play MP3 “gapless” - I’m not sure how it does this but at a guess it does some sort of mini fade - it also analyses every track imported to prepare for gapless play.

I’d like to revive this topic, because it keeps bugging me.

Many of my albums (that includes CD rips, purchased hi-res files, DSF files) have tracks that blend into each other. Almost all complete (as opposed to “highlights”) opera recordings are like that, but many other kinds of music, too.

Using the latest version of Audirvana Studio I still cannot get gapless playback, instead I’m getting an annoying click/drop-out sound between tracks. I’m running AS on a Mac mini into a DAC directly connected via USB.

The 2012 Mac mini is coping fine with my DSP and upsampling during playback, but I wonder whether this inter-gap click could be a performance issue? I’m using a large buffer (10GB) to avoid the dreaded track cutting issue, could that be part of the problem?