Audirvana hangs when trying to play Qobuz

As of yesterday I cant play anything from Qobuz through Audirvana. When you press play A+ states loading first track… and then hangs and becomes unresponsive.

update - I just got it working although it took over a minute to load first track. I clicked one track in the playlist and A+ said it was loading first track. I then waited to see if anything would happen if I did nothing. I just let it go and went on reading things on the internet after what was at least a minute if not more mucic began playing however the first track that was supposed to be playing was not played but the next track on the playlist. After that I could go back and play the previous track as normal. Qobuz has changed something on there end and it appears to be causing confusion for A+. FWIW they just updated their desktop app but not sure if that is pertinent to this issue.