Audirvana hangs when trying to view the play que

This behavior was noticed by me since ver 1.3.5. If I load an album and start playing it, all goes well. If after a period of time (a few songs played at least) I click on the play que icon to view the current que Audirvana will not show the que, it stops playing, hangs, then exits. There is no dump file created. If I don’t click on the play que icon at any time, I never have any problems and the album plays through. I can add another album to continue and encounter no problems as long as I don’t click on the play que icon!

same here. +1

I had this issue during the trial period. I posted to Computer Audiophile (wasn’t registered here yet) and never received an answer. My trial period has expired and this issue is the only thing preventing me from making a purchase.

Has this been resolved?

This has not been fixed, there has been no update to the program for a few weeks. Overall, this software is beta at best in my opinion. Constant bug fixes with new bugs introduced or never properly fixed.



BTW: I agree, beta.

I have the same problem :confused:
It would be great if this could be fixed!

Hi Same for me, exactly the same behaviour as described in the inital post. Starting to regret I bought this although the sound is great. Please fix this. thx Philip

I just purchased both a new desktop and laptop PC and decided to try Audirvana again. Once again, the same thing happened on both PCs. I can’t understand why this is not a more widespread problem. It has occurred on 4 different PC’s of mine, but it has only been reported by a very few other people. The installation goes fine and everything else seems to work.

Is this even an acknowledged issue that will be addressed?


Fixed for me, works fine after the latest version 1.3.7

As the initial poster I too agree that the issue is fixed. However, as I have come to observe, the Windows developer has added a new bug. When you clear the que, the que count goes to zero but the actual songs are not removed from the que listing page. If you navigate away from the que page then back, then the que listing is cleared. Sloppy programing by the developer, I don’t want to have to say that but it keeps happening time after time.

Again +1 :imp:
No hanging anymore when changing to the playlist. BUT this incommodity when playlist is cleaned, it is still there. Exit playlist and turn back, now it is really clear. And the issue with the favourites list, Tidal. Only artists, a major part has disappeared…
And, upsampling to DSD now creates twice pop-pop, at the beginning and at the end.