Audirvana Installation issue in Fedora

Hi Folks,

I have Audirvana working in Windows 11. However, when I attempt to install the appropriate file in Fedora, by any means, it fails. Using a terminal, I get the following message:

$ sudo dnf install audirvana-studio-
Last metadata expiration check: 1:16:29 ago on Sun 07 Jul 2024 19:05:49.
Can not load RPM file: audirvana-studio-
Could not open: audirvana-studio-

Am I missing something, or is there a problem with this download?

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi @BoyFromtheBog ,
Do you have downloaded the package from here, first?

Hi Le-Dom,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed I do. I have downloaded more than once, checking carefully that I have the right version. There is no error message until I try the install via a terminal. That is what is puzzling me. Using the package manager it claims to have installed - with no trace when I check.

Best wishes

Hi Le-Dom,

I am using Fedora 40.

Best wishes


Hi Greg,
Can you try another version such as 38 or 39.

Hi Le-Bon,

I can try - however, it won’t be until weekend when I have more time. Thanks for bearing with me.


Should you want to try with Docker, please try this repository. Here’s my first post about this, and I’d like to mention here again the first post that inspired the work.

try to move your rpm file to the /tmp/ directory. Some security tools does not allow to read the home directory with root privilege.