Audirvana iphone remote - simple way to repeat track

I’m using latest Audirvana Plus 3,5 on Mac mini late 2014 (latest OS).

Maybe this will look strange, but i can’t find easy way to repeat track?


Same place on iPhone or the Desktop app…


For some reason it still plays next song, even if i select repeat , like in the picture above.

Is there any additional setting i need to change?

Update : in my case it does repeat album. Where i can change it so it repeats track?

FYI: Update, received info from Audirvana:


I’ve got a great news for you!

This feature will actually be implemented in the next major update of Audirvana! So if you want to repeat you favorite track over and over it will be possible.

So stay tune for more information by following our social media pages:

Best Regards,

Audirvana Support Team