Audirvana is converting to 64 bit?

Unless I’m mistaken it seems Audirvana is doing some kind of conversion from 16 to 64 bit which I definitely don’t want. I have PCM bitdepth limit set to 20bits since this is the dynamic range of my DAC yet it’s still showing 64 in this screenshot. Does this mean something else that I’m misunderstanding? Thanks.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 143958

Computers works at 64bits, all normal.


Is that what it means, just that the computer is processing 64 bit code? That’s pretty misleading if so, they put it right next to the sample rate implying that 64 is the bits of the music, not the computer.

My computer processing I want at 64 bits, my music I want at 20 bits.

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Zero padding

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The maximum bit depth sent to your DAC is whatever you set it to in Audirvāna. Then what Audirvāna does, since your computer works at 64 bits, is fill the bits beyond the maximum you’ve set with zeros. This is called “zero padding.” It doesn’t change anything in the music, any more than writing 1 as 1.00000000 changes the quantity. So your computer and your DAC happily work together, and you get the bit depth you’ve specified.

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