Audirvana is not automatically updating to 3.4.914

I use Windows 10.

I was in my Windows admin account and activated Audirvana (version 3.4.912). Version 3.4.914 automatically installed. I got out of the Windows admin account and went into my Windows restricted account and tried to activate Audirvana but it would not start. Then I uninstalled Audirvana and while in my restricted account, re-installed Audirvana 3.4.912 from the download I had on file. I started up Audirvana several times but it does not auto update to 3.4.914.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a link to download 3.4.914?


I found the link to version 3.4.914 in another post. This solved my problem.

I can’t find a link to 3.4.914. Can anyone give it please? 3.4.911, which I have, is not updating.

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Thanks Bob. Much appreciated.