Audirvana keeps going to this window

Audirvana keeps going to this window plus I need to multiple click on album to play it, Version 3.2.20

Mmmm 3.2.20 is getting old :slight_smile:
can you put your picture full not crop so it can help us seeing something…

when I check for updates it says I’m up to date. Thanks for the reply.

  • Audirvana 3.2 is a very old Audirvana version and is not maintained/supported anymore.
  • After 3.2 came 3.5, but you had to pay for that newer version again. That explains why 3.2 tells you you have the latest version.
  • Now 3.5 is already old as well and not the current version anymore.
  • The current version is Audirvana Studio.

So basically you are not up to date but have a very old version of Audirvana. Did you update your OS in the meantime?

Looks like grey window at bottom is put too far down, try to put mouse just over the albums numbers at the edge of the grey and drag it upward to see the songs under hidden

Thanks for the info. How much is A+ Studio and how do I get it? My OS Is as far as my Mac book pro 2013 will use 11.6.1 Big Sur

I have been trying to log into A+ site but no luck. There suppose to email me a link but no luck. Need help.

What sometimes happens is that if you have ever indicated that you no longer want to receive (advertising) mail from Audirvana. Then apparently no automated email with login can be sent.

Maybe it’s something different, but Antoine can help you with this on Monday.

Thanks can you leave Antoine a message to help me? After I log in it won’t send me a link in my email. I can’t believe its this hard to purchase software from this company?

@Antoine can you help @Jamesroy with subscribing to Audirvana Studio?

I asked Antoine to help you ;).

@Jamesroy you can also send a mail to if you are not helped here.

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Hello @Jamesroy,

I can see that you have been able to create and confirm your account, do you still have an issue to run Audirvāna Studio?

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