Audirvana load on start up


First time on the forum and a first time Linux user. Get the beers out!

I have miraculously managed to install both Linux Mint and Audirvana onto an old Intel NUC. I can connect via the iPhone app and see my Qobuz account.

I would like to run the Intel NUC headless which means Audirvana will need to load along with the rest of the start up files. I understand there is “setasservice” file which you can do something with to make this happen. I have never used Linux before so I have no idea what to do.

I have located the file but now what? Apologies for the basic questions. Second question - is it ok to simply power down the Intel NUC by pressing the power off button with Audirvana still running?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I managed to figure it out and teach myself a bit about Linux. All working perfectly on start up. I have a headless Audirvāna instance streaming Qobuz to my Denafrips dac.

One question - I am asked to sign in on the remote each time I reboot the Intel NUC. Is that right?

Each time you reboot the NUC you will have to reconnect the remote, but it should not ask for login credentials every time…

It will ask for login credentials if you are switching from another OS. Perhaps if you wait a little time when starting up again using the same OS as last time, the login request will go away?


Opened app this morning, no credentials required. I suspect yesterday was due to moving my Intel NUC from my office, where I was installing all of the software, to my main system and another dac.

All is fine. Thanks for the replies.


AS installed on Ubuntu Server 24.04 with no issues, the sound is crystal clear, etc.
But every time I reboot the NUC, I get AS but without any credentials: no account login, no streaming services login at all. Everything is lost so I have to disable, then enable and finally start again.
Any idea on this? Help please…

You neet to add the services needed tot the system bootup file.

See: Ubuntu: How to auto-start a service on system boot - Sling Academy

Perfectly solved!
Many thanks @jmtennapel