Audirvana "locks" audio device when playing

Hi there,

Whenever I listen to music in Audirvana with my headphones all other audio sources gets played by my Macbook Pro’s regular speakers. It is as if Audirvana “locks” the audio device (my headphones in this case) for use with the application. If I try to play a Youtube-video er similar from within my Chrome-browser the audio comes through my speakers instead.

It doesn’t even matter if the song is playing or if it is paused.

I am on version 3.5.44. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards.

As explained on the Audirvana website, this is deliberate.

For Audirvana to ‘let go’ of the audio device you need to hit ‘Stop’, not just ‘Pause’.

here’s the relevant page on Audirvana’s site:

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