Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.29 - Adding a playlist drag and drop

HI i am having issue creating a playlist via drag and drop from a folder on my mac.
I have created a playlist on the left hand panel and given it a name.But when i try to drag and drop the folder in it or in the main window it will not let me do this?

I do not want this folder to be added into my my main Library, it would also be nice to be able to have a folder view with the main folder and the folders it contains.If these items can be addressed i would purchase as it has good sound quality

This way of adding tracks is not supported by Audirvana, but the work around is easy.
Replace your playlist with a “smart playlist” . When creating it, use a criteria like the pathname of your folder, you will get the content of your folder displayed in your playlist (do not forget to specify your folder in the synchronisation section of the “audirvana preferences”).

Hi Alain,
Thanks for your reply. Sadly this it looks like this isn’t the media player I’m looking for.It’s not user friendly enough for me.

I did try what you said and it works quite well, but it did throw in other tracks I don’t want in my playlist.I am sure with a bit of playing about I could get it to work how I want it to.But it’s a long winded process that’s not fluid enough, as a good media player should be. Especially at this price point.The drag and drop feature is standard on most media players these days.Even a freeware player like pine player has this.If this gets an update in the future to overcome this I would purchase it’s a good looking and good sounding player.

I agree , this is a basic feature. However, I have tried several players but I always came back to it, as my main criteria is sound quality. So I have setup a library structure with many smart playlists , and I got used to it and its bugs …

I’m not sure if this is exactly related to this conversation, but I would like to be able to drag folder from the Mac Finder into a playlist. I do this all the time in iTunes, but can’t seem to figure out if this is an option in Audirvana.Is this possible? If not, is it on the developer’s roadmap as a feature to be added? I read about the option of creating a path in settings and creating a smart playlist, but this seemed convoluted.

Why would you want to drag and drop files from a filesystem when you have database driven library?

Using the database work very well most of the time; however, there are times when dropping files from the filesystem is easier. Here are some examples:

  • I was creating a playlist of Neil Young music. The filesystem easily found all but one disk (Greatest Hits). I saw the folder in the filesystem, but not in the database. Instead of messing with the tags for the files it would have been much easier to drag the folder into the playlist.
  • I have a folder of Wolfgang’s Vault live shows from different artist’s I purchased. I tried creating a smart playlist and a path in settings to the folder as suggested in another post. It didn’t work for me. Even if it did, in iTunes I could have just dragged the folder into a playlist window and be done with it. It is much simpler. I love the sound quality of Audirvana, but this example shows how it could be much easier to use.
  • The database seems to work perfectly when all the tags are correct for every recording. I have thousands of recordings in my CD library that I converted to a lossless format. Within those files there are some where the tags are not perfect. It is annoying to be able to see a file and not have it show up in Audirvana. Fixing the tags is a great rainy day project, but in the meantime I’d just like the files to appear in my playlists.

I could go on and on. I am not suggesting getting rid of the database, but there are times when it would be faster and easier to just drag and drop from the filesystem.