Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.50 et Mac OS Monterey sur Macbook Air M1?


Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.50 sur Mac OS Monterey (sur un Macbook Air M1) est-il fonctionnel ?



Yes. Works for me.

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Works fine here :smiley:

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Hello everybody,
just switched to a M1 Pro based MBP with Monterey 12.6. Did you mean Direct/Integer Mode (i.e. bit-perfect audio playback) works fine out of the box?
On the previous Intel based MBP with Mojave I had to apply the IOAudioFamily kernel extension hack to be able to use Direct Mode. Is it still necessary on the new MBP with Audirvana 3.5?
Thanks in advance.

Forget Direct Mode on M1 or with Monterey. Does not exist and hack also dead. Just listen :grinning:

Even Monterey will be dead on October 24 to new macOS Ventura :grinning:


Apple style bad news :rage:.
Can you point me to some source please? I tried to figure out whether bit-perfect audio playback is possible on M1 Mac with no success.

You don’t need Direct Mode for bit perfect…
Audirvana 3.5, Studio or Origin always were/are bit perfect player…