Audirvāna MacOS - syncing with NAS

Hi, I am trying out Audirvana for Mac. I have my music in a NAS (smb share) - which Mac OS sees normally.
If I add a single album (folder) via Settings - Local - Add Music it adds it no problem at all.
But if I add the whole Music folder the syncing does not happen at all. In the main window it just shows a full progress bar saying ‘Start Syncing Music’. Nothing happens.
Any clue what might be happening?

Let it go… then after a while it will change to: syncing music
and the bar will advance SLOWLY depending on how many albums you have…

Unfortunately, there are cases where the “Start Syncing Music” stays and no progress is shown even after a full night of processing.
Thing is that:

  • We do not know what are the basic principles of the algo: during the ‘Start Syncing’ phase, what the app is doing? Using a “find” command to identify the changes in the to be imported files?
  • There is nothing shown at console that could indicate what the app is currently doing.
  • There is no possibility to raise the level of log and get a log file to have an idea of what is going wrong.

As a result of that, we can spend a large amount of time trying to figure out what is going on. When you expect to easily use such software to simply play music, that’s a big disappointment.

I reply here to my own post. I faced some problems with the library management on Audirvana.

Some months ago I faced difficulties with some file names whose accented characters were not appropriately encoded. I managed to solve that by pre-processing the files with rsync and a conversion from UTF-8 to UTF-8-Mac.

The last one, presented in the post above, was a hot topic of concern until I found a working solution: It appears that the shared directory on my NAS I used to store my audio files was a bit large (6000 albums and 90k+ files…).

The solution: creating a separate shared directory and declare it inside AS. That works!

So, do not put too many files/albums on one one single directory/drive…

For the rest, AS is now working fine.

It makes me curious what the limitation is. Is the number of files, number of folders, depth of the folder structure, size of total MB of the files. Is 500,000 mp3 files possible and 5000 DSD512 not? Basically what you said before. It is unclear what causes it. And in this case splitting helps, but what problem has been worked around.

You are fully right Jacob. Although I can understand that syncing time increase with size (i’m talking about the size of the folder…), I have a problem to admit that beyond a given limit (not known at this point) you enter a black zone where syncing cannot converge after a reasonable amount of time.
So, indeed, my solution is a pure workaround to an unclear problem.

In my case for example, syncing takes around 4 hours with 60k+ albums and does not show any evidence of progress after 8 hours if I just add ONE new folder.

Pretty strange indeed…

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Maybe if Antoine/Damien is passing by, we could suggest to add something inside the code to produce a higher level of log when the Sync process is running, so that we could try (I’m talking about people who are experiencing problems with the sync mechanism) to better understand why we have such problems.