Audirvana + MQA + upsampling


I have been using Audirvana latest versions with Meridian Explorer 2 with automatic MQA DAC detection, but I have now purchased an Audeze Mobius, which I expect to receive beginning of Spetember. This is an active headphone with hi-res DAC and no MQA, so I wanted to make use of the Audirvana MQA 1st unfold feature.

The Audeze Mobius has a Hi-Res mode, and 7.1 and 2.1 modes - but I want to use it for music in just the Hi-Res mode. The Mobius does not have automatic mode change - so I would like to feed it 96 or 88.2 at all times.

I know I can set Audirvana to upsample/downsample all my files to 96/24 or 88.2/24 through the custom upsample settings in preferences, but I would like Audirvana to perform the MQA first unfold when possible, regardless of my custom upsample settings. Is this possible? I have no other DAC than the Explorer to test.

If this is not possible, then what is the best possible solution that keeps MQA first unfold?

if you like to read…

Thanks. I have even posted on that thread. But I listen with my own ears, and I have a clear opinion on it. And since Audirvana provides it, I would like to use it!

Any help on the settings?