Audirvana Not Able to Play Tidal Album

I saved Van Morrison’s new release Three Chords and the Truth to favorites on Tidal today but Audirvana is unable to play it. I get “Unable to open an audio file for playback”. This is the first time I’ve had this issue. I can play it on my Tidal app so I assume it’s not a licensing issue. I’ve tried both the MQA and non-MQA album with the same issue on both.

I listened to the album on the Tidal and it jumped to the third song. The record label doesn’t allow streaming of at least the first two songs. This locked up Audirvana with no message why. The Tidal app gave a reason why when attempting to play the blocked titles. Don’t know if this is common but it is the first time I’ve encountered blocked songs.

Jep, there is a number of blocked songs on TIDAL. And with Audirvana you’re left clueless :sleeping:. Just check with TIDAL directly.