Audirvana not compatible with Android 14 remote app

I have written technical support about this multiple times. At this point, they don’t even respond and cannot even provide an estimation as to when this will be working properly. The remote app works on Android 14 to an extent, but to a large extent it doesn’t work. You cannot access more than the first three tracks or first three albums that come up for an artist. The only way to get around it is to select an artist profile and view all albums that way. Furthermore, you cannot access any playlists for specific genres using tidal. Audirvana has been aware of this for at least the past two months and is unable to provide me a timeline. Never mind the fact that Android 15 will be out probably by the time this is working and then that won’t work either. I would really appreciate them making an announcement about this and providing an updated time frame as to when this will be repaired. I’ve asked them point blank and they’ve stopped responding to me. Hopefully this post will provide a response by making this situation public.