Audirvana Not Releasing Audio for Over 2 Min

I keep Audirvana running on my PC (Windows 10) most of the day, for either serious listening or just for background music in my office. My Dac is an RME ADI-2 Pro FS. Here is the problem: if I need to switch from Audirvana to watch (for example) a You Tube video / internet audio, I do not get “any” audio at all from my PC, for at least another two to three minutes. Here are the steps I take: 1) pause the song in Audirvana, then 2) deselect the “pad lock” icon on Audirvana., 3) select the video…and wait several minutes for any audio to kick in. A few times due to the long wait, I have to shut down Audirvana AND restart webpage to get any audio to work. This is really not fun to deal with all day long. I have the latest version of Audirvana installed. Do we have a solution to this whereas I can easily, and quickly switch audio sources without Audirvana holding up the switchover for so long? Thank you!