Audirvana on Linux

It runs on a NUC8i3 16GB ram and ssd 256GB.
I have a couple of raspberry pi4 4GB too, but the cpu is too weak to upsample to dsd256.
I bought JRiver license before Audirvana and recently I upgraded it to JR26 as I was curious to run it on Ubuntu…
Unfortunately my MacBook Pro is becoming old, it is an i7 late 2011, and Audirvana is too demanding for it

Is there a reason why you don’t run Audirvana directly on the NUC?

I don’t like Windows … the drivers management seems fool (to me) … Linux and Mac have all embedded

I agree, and Roon does it.

I would go crazy to have Audirvana on Linux! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

+1 for an appliance style option
Like Roon ROCK but optimized with SQ as the priority

It seems very difficult to me because of the omnipresent nature of pulseaudio on many distributions…

Hi !
Any news on this? Even a “no” is one :smiley:

Unlikely it will ever happen I think. The Audirvana team is very small and judging Antoine’s replies in other topics is that they have a huge back log and not enough time to do everything.

It seems to me that they are already busy enough maintaining the Windows and Mac versions of both Studio and Origin.

I have a Master License for jRiver. Much cheaper compared to buying single licenses for Windows and Mac. And it comes with Linux as well, so that’s a free bonus for me. Fairly certain that most people go for that route, unless of course you are only using Linux.

After doing a some research, there is a new solution since 2020 which is very interesting. It’s PipeWire (which can replace PulseAudio). I just set it up on my laptop (to use bluetooth AptX, which is horrible with PulseAudio), it’s really less messy than PulseAudio.

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