Audirvana Origin cant add Network Drive


I am trying out Audirvana Origin and on trial period before I decide to purchase.

Am facing issue with adding my song library that is on my NAS WDmycloud to my Audirvana Origin Library.

I have added my NAS drive as a network drive on my Windows 11 pro and am trying to add it to the library but after selecting the location folder, nothing is happening and no folder path is being shown in my audirvana library.

I have tried to add local folders and it is working.

Currently also am using Roon and I use the same process of adding the song library by creating a network drive and linking my folder, but not happening in Audirvana Origin.

Audirvāna Origin 07-12-2022 21_11_12

Hello @satyajit,

When you added this network drive, have you used smb protocol?

Yes I did using Map Network Drive option in WIndows 11 pro.

Ok it worked now!..

I remapped the network drive using Netbios name instead of IP address in the url and it worked.