Audirvana Origin does not recognize Oppo 105d as Multi-Channel DAC

Hello, Long time Audirvana 2.0 user now auditioning Origin. Works wonderful, but it does not recognize my Oppo 105D player as a multi-channel capable DAC. I realize that the USB Connection is limited to 2.0, but I can send 5.1 24/192 PCM via UPNP via Foobar so I know that the device is capable.

Even connecting via the HDMI-in port, Audirvana only sees the device as Stereo. This is odd since even the older Audirvana 2.0 can see the 6 channel input via HDMI and allow you to choose between Stereo or Multi-Channel. I was really hoping to go back to Audirvana as a primary Mac based player for both Stereo and Multi-Channel but it looks like this is a no go. I just have no idea why, since Foobar can do this.

Anyone know of a way to send 5.1 PCM and DSD via UPNP to the Oppo 105D? I can use the unit with a direct connected Hard Drive via USB, but the built in player of the Oppo is just gawd awful for both navigation and sound… Audirvana Studio sounds wonderful going direct to my Denafrips Aries for two channel, but I am really bummed about the lack of Multi-Channel support, since the player is obviously capable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
David Engel

Hello dengel,
How about your oppo issue going on?
I also have same issue - that I use oppo udp-203 and it connected to network and av processor via hdmi cable. It is definitely multi-channel capable device as yours.
My Audirvana is latest version of studio, and it also not recognizes oppo as multi-channel capable but only stereo by Audirvana, exactly same as your problem.
I usually send multi-channel DSD to oppo via DLNA, using mConnect, BubbleUPNP, JRiver without problem. But Audirvana is not.
I send debug info to support, and what they said is that according to device information from debug indicates it is only 2 channel capable device. I don’t get it because all other programs also use standard UPNP/DLNA protocol but they can use multi-channel.
How your issue is going, I can’t see any answer from support since last year November…
My case is same… no update after examine my debug info… now I use mConnect to listen multi-channel DSDs…

Yes, I use Foobar2000 to send multi channel to the Oppo no problem, and it is FREE software. Audirvana support responded that they will not develop it because it is a specific use case… which is just nonsense. There is no reason other than effort why Audirvana should not be able to do this. I have to limit Audirvana Origin to Stereo only.


This is what support email said:

"The device states it doesn’t support multichannel over UPNP, you can see this in the debug info:

UPnP / DLNA supported protocols :

Can you tell us how do you know it supports Multichannel over UPNP using mConnect?"

And my answer was that there is no problem to use oppo for multi-channel DSD player by using mConnect, JRiver, JPlay iOS, BubbleUPNP.
And I add this to the last email:

“Hope that you and your team can find a way to solve this OPPO issue.
I know that it is discontinued product so there is no way to ask manufacturer.
But there still many hi-fi/av manias like me uses OPPO UDP-203, UDP-205, also Cambridge audio CXUHD, Magnetar UDP800/UDP900, Reavon UBR-X100/X110/X200 all uses exactly same hardware and software from OPPO, even MSB Reference/Select Transport, Goldmund EIDOS 36-4K also exactly same OPPO base players, I believe all these devices has same problem with Audirvana…”

As you can see, not only OPPO has same problem but all other devices include Hi-end manufacturer like MSB, Goldmund uses OPPO base hardware(inside is exactly same device) so presumably (or definately) they should have same multi-channel issue with Audirvana.

It should not just “will not develop it because it is specific use case” things and they can do it “if” they have willing and enough motive, of course… However because of only handful of users like you, me and others who uses these “multi-channel” devices, it is likely very, very skeptical and negative that it will be done… :frowning:

One thing, I did not ask this issue here in forum. I ask directly to Audirvana support by send e-mail.

This is the response I received from Audirvana Support on December 18. 2023:

"Hello David,

We have received your request and have taken it into account. However, it is worth noting that the configuration you are asking for in UPnP is a very specific and rare use case. As of now, we don’t have any plans in the short term to develop this feature and make it available."

Seems not so rare afterall… basically anyone that has an Oppo 105/203/205 or otherwise associated hardware.