Audirvana Origin - Drag and Drop

I have just signed up for the 15 day trial of AO and I must say that the SQ is much better than A 3.2, which has been my player to date. I skipped A 3.5 and A Studio mainly because I did not like or want all the features provided. I particularly did not like the AS subscription model. I am upgrading now as I intend to purchase a new Mac soon and its Apple Silicon CPU will most likely not support the older versions of A.

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with what I see of AO so far. However, there is one aspect I’m a little confused about and that is dragging and dropping music files. This worked fine in A3.2 but now I find that I have to create a library. I find this a totally unnecessary burden as I already have a “library” on my external HDD where my thousands of music files are stored and sorted into various categories which I have simply been able to drag and drop from without having to create a library in AO. So… without going on too much about this is it possible to drag and drop a folder of an artist’s songs into AO and play them? I have searched this forum and can find no useful information about this specific issue.

It’s not a deal breaker but it was able to be done in A3.2 so I find it unusual that this feature is no longer available.

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You can do so by drag and dropping the tracks you want in the play queue of Audirvāna Origin:


Wow!.. No I feel really inadequate… Thank you, that worked fine. As I said I did search the forums and also the documentation that came with AO but could find no detail about how to do this.

Fantastic! Now I can give AO my unreserved and highest recommendation!!!

Thanks again, B

This is because it’s a specific user case but we might add a note about it in the onboarding :wink:

Note that you can also do this in a playlist :link: