Audirvana Origin failing to restore backup file?

I have my entire music folder divided into two places, my local SSD inside my PC and the other half on my 1 TB micro sd card (used in a USB C adaptor which is plugged into my PC USB-C port).

Today I check my library media scan status on my Micro SD card folder which says “OFFLINE” or some thing like that.
I then backed up my library, Playlists, Album and Tracks that I tagged as FAVORITES and then deleted the folder on the micro sd card in the media scan and rescanned the media. THe library media scan worked for the midro sd card folder but when I went to restore the backup file I made it tells me that bunch of albums and tracks I tagged as FAVORITES failed to restore.

What gives? All that time I took tagging my tracks and albums and now its all gone.

What can I do? Does the program think that all the albums/playlist/tracks I’m trying to restore contains unsynced tracks like they’re missing or something from the micro sd?

Very frustrating…

Can you send me the backup file at I will give you some file names so you can check if they are correctly synced with Audirvāna Origin :wink:

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Thanks, I will try but ultimately I think I found what the problem was about. Half of my library was in my local computer storage and half of it was in my micro sd card when I created my library media backup file. I guess everything from the micro sd couldn’t restore properly since all my music files and folders are now merged into one external SSD on my new PC now. Perhaps it is easier for Audirvana to find the indexes for backup and restoring in the internal SATA hard drive as opposed to a micro sd via USB adaptor.

I have decided to add everything to my media library again manually but thank you for your reply and help!

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